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Insurance and Billing

​Financial Information

As a courtesy to our patients, we will bill your insurance company when provided with the necessary information. Please realize that your policy is a contract between you and the insurance company. Any required co-payments, deductibles or non-covered services are beyond our control and your subsequent responsibility.
Patients will receive a pre-op phone call from the business office to review their insurance coverage and financial responsibilities due at the time of surgery. At that time, patients will be informed of any co-pay or deductible that is due on the day of surgery. Co-payment and deductibles must be paid at the time of admission. If an overpayment is made on the account, you will receive a refund.
After your insurance company has remitted payment to us, you may be responsible for any balance unpaid by your insurance company. Method of payments accepted are cash, money order, cashier’s check or major credit cards. If special payment arrangements are necessary, please call the center prior to your surgery.
If you have any additional concerns or questions, please call the office at (763) 447-4310.

Pavilion Surgery Center accepts most major insurance and managed care plans. 
The Pavilion Surgery Center only charges for the use of the facility and for the services of the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).  As a courtesy, Pavilion Surgery Center will file health insurance claims.  This service does not relieve the patient of any responsibility to pay the Pavilion Surgery Center for services rendered.   This includes services, which, for any reason, are not paid by insurance, government programs or other third party sources. Any self-pay portion of my bill is due upon receipt of a statement.  If you have questions on your bill or need to discuss payment options please call 218-279-6200 and ask to speak to the Business Office.  

The fees and charges for the surgeon, anesthesiologist, pathology, radiology, and any other health care provider or services are charged separately from the Pavilion Surgery Center.

Additional Financial Assistance Options accepted at Pavilion Surgery Center
Care Credit

Advance Care Card  (Patients with Good to Excellent credit)

Billing Information Guide
You have recently or will be receiving services at the:
Pavilion Surgery Center
920 E. First Street, Suite P-101
Duluth, MN 55805
Phone: (218) 279-6200
An invoice may be submitted to your insurance plan by 4 separate organizations for
services that you received on the day of your procedure. You will receive an Explanation
of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance plan. Any remaining patient responsibility will be
billed to you.
Up to 4 separate bills may be sent to you.
Please direct questions regarding a specific bill to the phone number listed on the bill. They will assist you with questions regarding
payment and balances.

• Facility
Pavilion Surgery Center
This facility charge includes nursing staff, technical staff, equipment, supplies, medications, and other items that were used during your stay with us.

• Anesthesia Services
St. Luke’s Hospital and Pavilion Surgery Center - CRNA
This professional charge is for the assessment, supervision, and administration of anesthesia by a Medical Doctor of Anesthesia and Certified Registered Nurse
Anesthetist during and after your procedure.

• Professional Services
Clinic - Physcian Professional Fee
This professional charge is for the surgeon or provider that performed your
procedure. This professional group practices at our facility.

• Pathology/lab
St. Luke’s Hosptial
This charge is for clinical laboratory and pathology testing for diagnostic evaluation.
Patient Information

• Health Care Directive
It is the policy of the Surgery Center to inform a patient prior to procedure their rights on Advanced Directives, which include; to be informed of a patient right to formulate an Advance Directive, a patient is not required to have an Advance Directive and the policy of the Pavilion Surgery Center in case of an emergency, to resuscitate a patient in order to maintain their vital functions and if necessary transfer the patient to a hospital for further care.  In the event of a hospital transfer the Advance Directive form will be sent with the patient. If you would like more information about Advance Directives, please contact your health care provider, your attorney, or Minnesota Board on Aging’s Senior Link Age Line 1-800-333-2433.
Health Care Directive Form   Minnesota  or Wisconsin