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Patient Information

Instructions Before Your Surgery
Day of Surgery
After Your Surgery
Children & CognitiveNeeds Patients
Instructions Before Your Surgery
Our preoperative nurse will call you approximately one week before your procedure to review your health history, medications and preoperative instructions.  If we fail to reach you by telephone, please call us back at:  218-279-6207 during the hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday thru Friday. 

Our business office will send you an information packet that you will review, complete and bring with you on the day of surgery.  It includes patient information, instructions, and documents to complete for your upcoming procedure. 
Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your procedure, unless directed otherwise.  This includes water, coffee, mints, gum, and tobacco products (chew and snuff).  You may brush your teeth or rinse your mouth.  If you eat or drink after midnight, your procedure may be cancelled.

Please shower or bathe the night before surgery or morning of your procedure to minimize chances of infection.
Please DO NOT shave the surgical area before surgery unless instructed by your physician.
If you are taking Aspirin or NSAIDs (such as Advil, Aleve, Motrin or Ibuprofen) or blood-thinning medications, including:  Coumadin, Plavix, Ticlid, Persantine and Agrenox, please consult your physician. You MAY be asked to discontinue taking them prior to your procedure. 

In most cases, you will be required to undergo a physical exam and some routine lab tests prior to your procedure.  Your physician’s office can help arrange this for you, or you can call the Pavilion Surgery Center for assistance. 
Notify the center and your surgeon if: you have an elevated temperature, cough, cold, vomiting or diarrhea between the last visit to the surgeon and the day of your surgery.

 A responsible adult MUST be present to accompany you home and to care for you following surgery. If you do not have someone to drive you home, your procedure may need to be rescheduled until arrangments can be made. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to operate a motor vehicle or machinery if you have received sedation or general anethesia.  You will be discharged directly to your vehicle.  Parking is available near the surgery center.
Day of Surgery
Check In

After arriving in the surgery center, patients will complete the check-in process with our friendly staff.  This includes completion of paperwork that will be sent to the patient’s home prior to surgery and family/escort contact information.

Please bring your insurance card(s) with you, as well as a photo ID (for example a driver’s license, state or student ID card). 

We require at least one parent/guardian be present, and remain within the facility, at all times during your child’s stay. *If you are the Legal Guardian, you will be asked to provide legal documentation*

Patients and their family member(s) or escort will be brought to a private patient room where the nurse will conduct a preoperative assessment that will include review of your medical history, taking your vitals signs,  starting an IV if it is required for your procedure, and signing your consents for your surgery.

Patients should wear loose casual clothing.  Please remove all body piercings, and leave your jewelry and valuables at home.  If you wear glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids or dentures, bring a case for their safekeeping.  You will be provided a gown to change into.

Patients should bring a list of the medications they are currently taking and their dosages. On the morning of your procedure, take your usual medications to treat your heart or blood pressure,  as directed in your preoperative visit, with only sips of water.

The anesthesia team will disuss your anesthetic plan with you and answer any questions you might have.    Your surgeon will meet with you prior to surgery to confirm the type of procedure, as well as the surgical site of the procedure he or she will be performing and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  

Family members and escorts may stay with you until surgery in your private patient room. 
Operating Suites

When it is time for your surgery your nurse anesthetist (CRNA) will escort you to the surgery suite.  Our operating suites contain state-of-the-art equipment and are staffed by qualified professionals to ensure we provide high-quality and safe surgical care.
After Your Surgery

After surgery you will be moved to a recovery area where we can monitor you until you are awake and medically safe to move back to your private room. 
Your physician will provide post-operative instructions regarding your care, diet, rest, exercise, and medications. The nursing staff will educate and prepare you and your caregiver for discharge to home. You will be provided with a written summary of these discharge instructions.

For the first 24 hours following your procedure you should avoid strenous activity, alcoholic beverages, driving, and having to make critical decisions. Remember, for your safety, you will NOT be allowed to drive yourself home after your surgery, and you should not stay at home alone following your procedure.  Please plan to have someone drive you to and from Pavilion Surgery Center. 

You will be discharged directly to your vehicle. 
Recovering at Home

The day after your procedure (or first business day after the weekend) a nurse from the surgical center will attempt to follow up and ask how recovery is going. If you are having questions of a surgical nature or related to your prescriptions, please contact your surgeon's office. At the end of the call, we will ask you to complete a simple questionnaire about the care you received at Pavilion Surgery Center, as we strive to continuously provide the highest level of care.

We strive to give children the extra TLC they need in an unfamiliar setting. 
Please refer to the Instructions Before Your Surgery and Day of Surgery for further tips, as well as the guidelines on this page for children. Following these instructions may prevent delays or cancellation of the surgery. 

Food and Drink
Children must not eat or drink anything for six hours before their arrival. Please do not allow them to chew gum, suck on candy, or swallow toothpaste before surgery.

Parental Care
We require at least one parent/guardian be present, and remain within the facility, at ALL times during your child’s stay.  If you are the Legal Guardian, you will be asked to provide legal documentation.

Personal Comforts
Please bring your child’s favorite blanket, stuffed animal or toy.  Also, bring your child’s bottle or “sippy cup” for after surgery if they cannot drink from a regular cup. 

Stickers, wagon/car rides, post-procedure popsicles, animal crackers, and apple juice are just a few of the perks we provide to make your child's visit as pleasant as possible.

After Surgery 
You will be able to be with your child as soon as he/she is awake and medically safe for transfer to his/her private room after recovery. 

Cognitive Needs Patients

We understand that loved ones who depend upon others for daily living require special attention. Besides the guidelines in the Instructions Before Your Surgery  and Day of Surgery, the following tips will help make care for these adults easier.

The legal guardian needs to sign the consent for both surgery and anesthesia on or before the day of surgery. 

For Admission 
Please bring the patient’s recent health history and medication information. Be certain to follow the food and drink rules in the  Instructions Before Your Surgery  section. 

Personal Attendant 
Like all patients, special needs patients require a parent, legal guardian or other responsible adult to remain at the center from admission through recovery.  A personal attendant will be required to stay with the patient for 24 hours after discharge.